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We offer Case Discounts!

Buy 12 bottles of wine and get a 12% Case Discount!
Buy 6 bottles of wine and get a 6% Half Case Discount!
Buy 4 bottles and get a 4% Discount!
Enter Coupon Code: BUY4 for 4 %, HALF CASE for 6% or CASE CLUB for 12% in the coupon box and hit Apply Coupon. Easy!

YES, We Ship!
Shipping days are Monday and Thursday.


We are currently able to ship wine to destinations inside New York State and around the U.S. *
*we collect 9% on California sales which covers
sales and excise tax
7.33% sales tax on Colorado sales
1% sales tax on Michigan
8% sales tax on Nevada sales 
8% sales tax on North Carolina sales 
6.5% sales tax on Ohio sales
14% tax on Pennsylvania sales
2% sales tax on Virginia sales 

Surcharges: Due to the high cost of shipping to some states, there may be a surcharge added to your order. Currently there is a $1 surcharge for shipments to Arizona, Colorado and Montana, a $2 surcharge for shipments to Alaska and Pennsylvania, and a $4 surcharge for shipments to California.


WARNING! Minors providing false information when obtaining alcoholic beverages over the internet will face criminal prosecution and civil liability. Violators may be charged federally with wire and credit card fraud, and under multiple state laws prohibiting the attempted purchase or possession of alcohol by minors. Penalties include monetary fines, jail time, criminal probation, loss of driver's license and a criminal record that must be disclosed on job and college applications. Licensed sellers of alcohol (including wineries and retailers) who pay large fines and lose alcohol license privileges for sales to minors are entitled to sue the minor for compensation. All Internet customers must provide a credit card number and delivery address and can therefore be POSITIVELY identified to law enforcement. IF YOU'RE UNDER 21 -- DON'T RISK YOUR FUTURE!