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Wine Pairings

Cheese Knives - 3 pc. Set Cheese Knives - 3 pc. Set
This 3 pc. Knife Set is just what you need for cutting and serving cheese. Includes cheese cleaver, cheese plane, and universal cheese knife. Stainless steel with black handles.  

Monks_Meadow_Wine_Party_Dip_Mixes.jpg Monks Meadow & Amelia's Wine Party Dip Mixes
These new dip mixes will be a hit at your party. One package makes 2 cups of dip which includes a teaspoon of wine. Items may be subject to availability.

Choose from:

§      Chardonnay, Peppercorn & Parmesan
§      Salsa Con Queso
§      Cabernet Ole Chipotle
§      Merlot, Garlic & Seven Herbs
§      White Wine, Spinach & Artichoke
§      Zinfandel, Sweet Peppers & Garlic

monks_meadow-bread-spreads.jpg Monks Meadow & Amelia's Wine & Cheese Bread Spread
Fold these mixes into cream cheese, butter and wine. Serve Hot or Cold on breads, croissants, Bruschetta or sandwiches. Items may be subject to availability.

Choose from:

§      Red Wine & Blueberries     
§      Chardonnay Artichoke & Parmesan
§      White Wine Bruschetta
§      Cabernet Sauvignon and Cherries

monks_meadow-cheeseball-mix.jpg Monks Meadow & Amelia's Wine & Cheese Ball Mixes
Savory mixtures mingle with cheese and wine to form 2 wonderful cheese balls! Items may be subject to availability. 

Choose from:

§      Chardonnay, Garlic & Cilantro
§      Merlot, Onions & Herbs
§      Cabernet Sauvignon & Seasoned Country Bacon
§      Zinfandel With Spring Onions & Dill
§      White Wine Green Basil & Garlic
§      Red Wine Red Peppers & Chives

monks_meadow-wine-dip-mix.jpg Monks Meadow & Amelia's Wine & Fruit Dips
Fold these mixes into one 8 oz. brick of softened cream cheese and wine. Serving suggestions: sliced, crisp apples, pears, plain crackers or ginger snaps. Items may be subject to availability.


Choose from:

§      Chardonnay  Lemon Cream
§      Pinot Noir & Chocolate Truffle Cream
§      Merlot & Hopping Jalapenos
§      Zinfandel & Raspberries