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Fruit Wines

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Applegria Applegria

New Vintage in 2019!
Apple, Pear, Peach Blend 

GOLD MEDAL WINNER. Similar to a white sangria, we used apples, peaches and pears. Each fruit takes its turn presenting its best flavors, ending with a bouquet of all threes flavors. 12% Alc./Vol.

Appley Ever After Applely Ever After
Our Apple Wine.
A blend of eight different apple varieties, this wine has a crisp taste with a buttery feel. It finishes with the spiciness of cinnamon and allspice.
12% Alc./Vol.

A Slice of Heaven A Slice of Heaven
New Vintage!
Our Sweet Apple Wine

GOLD MEDAL WINNER. This sweet apple wine is the pure expression of apple. From the aroma, to the first sip to the finish, you will experience the clean, crisp taste of the apple. 12% Alc./Vol.

Blue Beryl
Blue Beryl - Blueberry Wine

Our Sweet Blueberry Wine.
A jewel of a wine, it has the soft, sweetness of the blueberry. A beautiful bluish red color enhances the fruit fragrance of ripe blueberries in a semi-sweet finish.
750ml bottle. 12% Alc./Vol.

Cocoa-Cheri label Cocoa Cheri
Our Cherry Wine with a hint of chocolate.
Think Pinot Noir with a kick. The aroma of the chocolate hits you first, then you taste cherry, then you taste chocolate. This three part delectable wine pairs with a rich beef dish or chocolate dessert. 10% Alc./Vo
This wine is available in 375ml size.

Legacy Legacy
Our Currant Wine
The new vintage of this full bodied wine has many nuances. Try this one at least three times so you can experience the myriad of flavors. 12% Alc./Vol.

Thursday Afternoon at Three Thursday Afternoon at Three
New Vintage!
A Peach/Grape Blend.

This blend of peaches and Niagara grapes has a rich, fruity bouquet. There are honey and grape overtones with the soft peach blossoming slowly. 12% Alc./Vol.

$1 Donation to Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Donate a dollar or add a donation to your purchase and we'll donate the proceeds to Roswell Park Cancer Institute.