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White Wines

Cat's Meow label

Cat's Meow

A dry white wine

This dry wine has a grapey bouquet. It has a slight citrus, almost lemony zest with a tart, cidery finish. 12% Alc./Vol.

750mL $10.95
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Award Winning
Fifty Windows label

Fifty Windows

A dry white wine

The nuances for this wine create a rainbow for your tongue. The floral bouquet opens the experience, the soft, smooth flavor has a hint of grape and then ends with a slight tartness. 12% Alc./Vol.

750 mL $11.95 / 375mL $6.49
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Award Winner
Lady in the Window

Lady in the Window

A dry, light white wine ~ New Vintage

Our newest white wine is made from the Traminette grape. It has a fragrant aroma and floral taste, similar to its parent, the Gewurtztraminer. 12% Alc./Vol.

750 mL $12.95
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One Hundred Windows label

Merry Christmas 100 Windows wine label

Hebrew 100 Windows wine label

Award WinnerOne Hundred Windows

A light, bright white wine.

The fruity aroma of this wine is a pure expression of the grape. It is a refreshing wine and perfect when chilled. 12% Alc./Vol.

750 mL $11.95 / 375mL $6.49
and NEW Magnum size (1.5L) for $19.95

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Now for the Holiday Season!

100 Windows also comes with special Holiday Labels.

Polish100 Windows wine labelHoliday greeting choices include:

  • Merry Christmas (English)
  • Joyoux Noel (French)
  • Frohliche Weihnacten (German)
  • Chag Sameach (Hebrew Greeting)
  • Buone Feste Natalizie (Italian)
  • Boze Narodzenie (Polish)
  • Feliz Navidad (Spanish)

750 mL $11.95 / 375mL $6.49
and NEW Magnum size (1.5L) for $19.95

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Starlight wine label


A white wine

This crisp wine has a delicately even bouquet. There is a buttery feel around the edges of your tongue, with a clean, quiet finish. Recommended with pork. 12% Alc./Vol.

From the back label:
"The name Stella means Star. Helen means Light. Stella Jasinski and Helen Bittner, as the grandmothers and matriarchs of our family, truly were the guiding lights. Although their time with us was long, 90 & 96 years respectively, they are missed."

750 mL $12.95
Sorry, Sold Out.

Award Winner

Please note: The Winery at Marjim Manor can ship wine to many states. Due to individual state regulation, there may be special rules that apply to your state. Please see information on our online store Our Wines page.


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