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Red Wines

Carondolet label


Dry Red Wine

This light, soft Cabernet has a light smokiness to it. It is dry without overwhelming your taste buds. Elegant, lush layers of spice and wild berry with a velvety texture. An excellent accompaniment to any red meat, fowl or pasta dish. 12% Alc./Vol.

Our 2007 Signature Wine is called Carondelet, in tribute to the Sisters of St. Joseph. You can read their story on the back label. Click here to see special commemorative back label.

750 mL $18.95
Buy Carondelet online.

Award Winner
Gift from the Vine label

A Gift from the Vine

Red Wine

This blend of four wines has a delicate smoothness and allows you to pair it with rich beef dishes or other spicy meat entrees. 12% Alc./Vol.

Our 2005 Signature Wine commemorates Jim’s grandfather, John G. Bittner. John means God’s gracious gift, and he truly was a gift to the family. This patriarch set the standards that carry through today. His intelligence, his wit, his integrity and his kindness are all qualities the Bittner grandchildren emulate.

Grandpa was born on May 22, 1904 and died January 31, 1982. He was able to meet his first born great-grandchild, Kevin, fulfilling a dream of meeting the next generation. Click here to see special commemorative back label.

750 mL $16.95
Buy Gift from the Vine onlne.

Award Winner
Lady of the Manor label

Lady of the Manor

Sweet Red Wine

GOLD MEDAL WINNER. This wine has a rustic quality, a blend of sweet and tart. More mellow than the Steuben, there is a hint of berry, cranberry and even spice. Has a grapy feel that compliments the sweetness. 13% Alc./Vol.

750 mL $11.95
and Magnum size (1.5L) for $19.95

Buy Lady of the Manor onlne.

Award Winner
Lord of the Manor label

Lord of the Manor

Dry Red Wine

The bright color reflects the lively bouquet of roses and raspberry. A dry concord wine, it has hints of cranberry, raspberry and a touch of lemon. 13% Alc./Vol.

750 mL $11.95
Buy Lord of the Manor onlne.

Award Winner
Spirit of the Law label

Spirit of the Law

Our Syrah wine

This deep red colored wine has a rich, full taste. Traditional grape nuances with hints of fruit play on your tongue. This wine is named in honor of Lewis Merritt and his quest to be a lawyer. 12% Alc./Vol.

750 mL $20.95
Waiting for the new vintage.

Award Winner
Spring Lake Steuben label

Spring Lake Steuben

A Medium Red Wine.

GOLD MEDAL WINNER. This soft textured wine still has a crispness about it. There are hints of honey and cranberry with a floral finish. 12% Alc./Vol.

750 mL $11.95 / 375mL $6.49
Buy Spring Lake Steuben online.

Award Winner

Please note: The Winery at Marjim Manor can ship wine to many states. Due to individual state regulation, there may be special rules that apply to your state. Please see information on our online store Our Wines page.


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